Radera has had many interesting challenges. Here are some of them.

Self-playing piano

The self-playing piano project came to be during the development of a smart home solution where the test apartment already had a self-playing piano solution that was powered by PianoDisc. The wish was to allow the piano to be controlled from the tablets around the house through the smart home app and removing the limitation of only being able to play special PianoDisc tracks. The setup was old, cumbersome and user unfriendly, which made for an interesting process in providing the customer with the best technical solution and at the same time make it easy to use, understand and build upon. Both for the end-user and the technicians, enabling the system to be supported far into the future.


We developed a solution that would allow the piano to connect to the smart home network and expose an API that allowed playback of music. Afterwards we worked together with the smart home team to integrate the functionality with the rest of the setup allowing the piano to be seamlessly controlled through the control panel.

Radio Bella

During the setup of Radio Bella several problems arose in regards to scheduling the broadcasts and delivering the signal to the antenna responsible for transmitting on the FM-band. Radera provided Radio Bella with an optimal setup that allowed them to easily schedule programs and at the same time not worry about ekstra equipment for failsafe power and internet. Still, the radio enjoyed the benefits of a redundant solution.

The word spread and shortly after Radera helped Radio Råd og Kultur enjoy the same benefits from our solution.


The Atrium project was set in an old machine hall which was venue for a yearly employee party. The wish was an interesting art installation for which they hired an art company that sub-contracted Radera for the technical setup. Radera got on board only days before the party which made for an interesting challenge. Especially because the tubes were wireless and battery powered without the possibility for recharge.

Exactly the kind of challenge we like

The second day into the three-day project, the art company responsible for the light tubes received the wrong transmitters. Despite of this, Radera managed to alter the project slightly to achieve a setup indistinguishable from the original design to great joy for the customer.